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Our Story

Between my 9-5 job & daily life responsibilities, I found it hard to play golf with my friends and coworkers. With only 24 hours in a day and work as a priority, finding a course golf that had tee times available and at the times we wanted, really was difficult. Often times we'd only be able to play half the course, or end the nights really late. 

Golf was a hobby that was new to me, but quickly became a sport I largely identified myself with. Since becoming a golf pro probably wasn't something I could realistically pursue, keeping my corporate job to fund my passion for golf seemed like the better alternative. One early morning at the gym while searching online for tee times, I realized that golfing after 5 was was the only option, at least during the weekdays, and the name was born.

Golf After 5 was created to represent the love for the sport no matter what day of the week or time of the day. It was created for those of us who refuse to let the clock dictate our passions and make time for what sets our souls on fire, even if that means squeezing in a round as the sun creeps below the horizon. 

Clothing felt like the perfect medium to bridge the gap between casual streetwear and the love for the sport. Premium materials paired with fun, simplistic designs felt like the best way to build a community of likeminded individuals. So, whether you're hitting a quick nine after the work emails stop flooding in or soaking up the last bit of daylight for a chill round, Golf After 5 is all about celebrating the passion that keeps us on the fairway. 

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